Oklahomans Urged to Report Winter Storm Damage

State officials call for winter storm damage to be reported in order to qualify for additional federal funding.

As Oklahoma begins assessing the damage caused by the historic winter storms, it is critical for businesses and individuals to report all winter storm damage so as to qualify for individual assistance by meeting minimum damage amounts.

Oklahomans are asked to document and report damages sustained, including but not limited to, flooding from broken pipes, power surges that caused damage to furnaces, electrical systems or major appliances, number of days without utilities, number of days displaced, and any injuries sustained as a result of the winter storm. State officials are asking that all damage be reported to damage.ok.gov.

“Any and all damage sustained from the storms must be reported,” said ORWA Deputy CEO, Jimmy Seago. “It is critical for us to provide a thorough and accurate assessment of all damage so we can qualify for the proper level of federal assistance as we look ahead when restoring and rebuilding our state’s water and wastewater infrastructure.”

Oklahoma officials request that damage reports be submitted through their mobile app which can be downloaded here. The information required to submit a report includes:

– Pictures and/or short video clips of the damage. This must have GPS coordinates, which the survey app does automatically.

– Full insurance policy for the jurisdiction, including the schedule of values and declarations page.

– For public works water main breaks, submit a system data sheet showing when the break occurred indicating a drop in water pressure along with water line size estimates.

Additionally, when President Biden approved Governor Stitt’s request for an Emergency Declaration, an evacuation and sheltering assistance plan became available. View FEMA’s Evacuation and Sheltering Fact Sheet here: EM Evacuation and Sheltering Fact Sheet .8.22.20.final

Emergency Management grant applications will also be open beginning on Monday, February 22, 2021 and can be submitted through ok.emgrants.com. Additional details including an applicant briefing will be scheduled in the coming days.

For the latest information on federal assistance visit, orwa.org.

— Written by JD Rosman

The Oklahoma Rural Water Association was formed in 1970 and was the first of its kind, giving a voice for rural water systems and districts across the state. Today, ORWA represents more than 550 water and wastewater utilities, providing management solutions, training opportunities, serves as their legislative voice, and provides technical assistance to its membership. The ORWA works to meet the needs of its members, always working to provide the best and safest water supply to its customers. Learn more about ORWA at orwa.org. 


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