Bottled Water Available for Oklahomans Impacted by Winter Storms

Many have been contacting ORWA about water resources for rural water districts and communities across the State of Oklahoma. To request bottled water from Oklahoma Emergency Management & Homeland Security starts with the local system contacting the local Emergency Manager (EM). The local EM will be aware of resources already in the area, coordinate the H2O request if unable to fill locally or regionally, and communicate back with updates. If the local EM is unknown contact the county EM for the requests.

Many systems keep in contact and coordinate with local emergency management directors on a routine basis.  As a reminder during this ongoing emergency weather event and future events, please ensure that your local system personnel are in communication with their local/county emergency managers and ORWA for any assistance or response issues (power outages, freezing equipment, etc.).  The emergency managers can then notify and request assistance through Oklahoma Emergency Management (OEM). OEM coordinates the response across all state agencies.

ORWA recommends every system should have a relationship with their local emergency managers before these types of events.  ORWA can aid anyone who needs help contacting their local emergency manager.  A link to the list of Emergency Management Directors by County is provided below.

— Written by Jimmy Seago

EM Directory Feb 11, 2021
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