2024 Award Winners

Board of DirectorsHughes Co RWD #6System of the Year
MikeCallananLincoln Co RW&SD #4Excellence in Management
JoshuaMosley Excellence in Operations
CharleenReamWoods Co RWD #3Excellence in Office Operations
CharlieSwintonBancfirstMan of the Year
ShellieChardOklahoma Dept. of Environmental QualityFriends of Rural Water (Agency)
SamanthaMcPhetereLynx TechnologiesFriends of Rural Water (Associate)
MikeFinaOklahoma Municipal LeagueFriends of Rural Water (Strategic Partner)
BillSims 21 Years of Service
Speaker CharlesMcCallOK House of RepresentativesLegislative Appreciation
GaryCalvertORWA5 Years of Service
JamesConoverORWA5 Years of Service
KeathGarramoneORWA5 Years of Service
CharleneWestmolandORWA5 Years of Service

2022 Award Winners

System of the Year

Dewar Public Works Authority

Legislative Appreciation Award

Rep. Dick Lowe

Friend of ORWA Award

Steve Orr

Excellence in Operations

Jennie Woods

Excellence in Management

Daniel Napier

Excellence in Office Operations

Mary Ann Starkey

Award Categories

System of the Year

Excellence in Management

Excellence in Operations

Excellence in Office Operations


All submissions must be in by January 10, 2025. Any submissions after the deadline will not be considered.

Readiness Checklist

*Additional Information may be requested if needed


All winners will be notified by email. For questions or additional information please contact the office at 405-672-8925 or email us at office@orwa.org

System Award

Any member system that has displayed outstanding achievement in all areas of operating a water/wastewater system.

Individual Awards

Must be employed by a member system and displays individual achievement in the category nominated.

*NOTE: Individual nominee’s eligibility includes any system employee that has worked in their respective position for at least 18 months.

Application & Awards Ceremony

The application will be used to gather information needed for presentation of your award, if chosen, at the ORWA Annual Conference Awards Ceremony each year.

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