ORWA Awards Program

ORWA takes pride in honoring systems and individuals for outstanding accomplishments and professionalism in serving the needs of Rural Oklahomans thru excellence in managing, operating and maintaining water and wastewater facilities.

Any ORWA member system that has displayed outstanding achievement in all areas of managing and operating a water or wastewater are eligible for the Outstanding System of the Year Award.

Individuals, who are employed by an ORWA member system, and have been in their respective position for more than 18 months, are eligible for the individual awards. If they have worked in their respective position for less than 18 months, but display outstanding achievements they are still eligible for the Rookie of the Year Award.

If you, your employees, your system or someone else you know is deserving of these awards, download, fill out and send in the nomination form.

ORWA recognizes one system or individual from each of the following categories. If no nominations are received for any of the categories, then no award is given for that category.

  • Outstanding Water System
  • Outstanding Wastewater System
  • Outstanding Water System Manager
  • Outstanding Wastewater Manager
  • Water System Operations Specialist
  • Wastewater System Operations Specialist
  • Office Manager
  • Bookkeeper
  • Water Plant Operations Specialist
  • Wastewater Plant Operations Specialist
  • Water System Rookie of the Year
  • Wastewater System Rookie of the Year
  • Excellence in Source Water Protection
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