Associate Membership Packages

ORWA Associate Members play a vital role in our success. Membership in ORWA helps sustain important training and technical assistance programs that help improve system operations and management, saves systems money and enhances compliance with federal drinking water regulations. Your support helps build a stronger, more effective association to serve you and represent your views on important legislative issues.

Conducts Training Classes Across Oklahoma
A Staff with Extensive Field Experience
Legislative Voice for Rural Water Systems
Founded in 1970

Platinum - $7,500

Gold - $5,000

Silver - $3,500

Bronze - $2,000

Basic - $1,000

Note: You will be asked to log in with your passport to contine the application and renewal process. If you forgot the password to your Rural Water Passport account, you will need to follow the workflow to reset it.
Alternatively, if your association has never been a member of ORWA: Apply Today
A Non-Profit at Your Service

A non-profit organization here to assist Oklahoma’s water and wastewater systems with day-to-day operations and management, respond to emergencies, get necessary training, and improve system sustainability.

A Strategic Alliance

The Oklahoma Strategic Alliance was ratified in 2019 by Governor Stitt, which created a partnership with the Oklahoma Secretary of Energy & Environment, Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality, the Oklahoma Rural Water Association and Oklahoma Water Resources Board, shortly joined thereafter by the Oklahoma Municipal League.

Together these organizations have combined knowledge & resources to help Oklahoma’s water and wastewater systems improve their sustainability, and ensure safe, plentiful water, and a clean environment for generations to come.

Membership Focused, Membership Driven

ORWA meets members’ needs by conducting over 170 operator and board member training classes each year, reaching over 3,300 operators, managers, and board members across the state.

Leadership for Tomorrow

ORWA launched its Apprenticeship program with the goal to meet the critical need for training and capable water and wastewater operators in the state.

A Needed Voice
ORWA is the legislative voice for the Oklahoma water and wastewater utilities at the state capitol, and as a founding member of the National Rural Water Association, speaks on behalf of its member systems in Washington D.C.
Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Disasters can strike without warning. To provide immediate assistance, ORWA is proud to provide the SoonerWARN network, a system of formalized mutual aid linking impacted systems with resources and help to cope with extreme weather events, major line breaks and plant failures, and other crisis-level situations.

A Partner with You

The strength of rural Oklahoma lies within its rural water and wastewater systems. Together with your partnership, ORWA can continue to serve and support these critical infrastructure systems, helping build a sustainable Oklahoma for future generations.

Renewal / Application Process

Register or Login

A Rural Water Passport (RWP) is required to identify the authorized individual registering on behalf of the Association.

Provide Data

Renewals: Update your Association's critical details and contact information. New Applications accepted annually.

Send Payment

Pay electronically via credit card or receive an invoice and pay by check to activate your account.

Update Details

Navigate to your System Dashboard to receive up-to-date information and update all of your System's information.

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