Long Range Sustainability Program

Oklahoma’s rural water and wastewater infrastructure is aging like much of the infrastructure in America. In the coming decades communities will be forced to contend with infrastructure replacement and repair costs while continuing to provide affordable service. ORWA’s Long Range Sustainability Program is a comprehensive set of assessments, tools, and other assistance that all focus on supporting and promoting system sustainability. The same qualified staff that provides our technical assistance services will work with your utility to create a plan with actionable steps that your system can implement now and in the coming years to meet your water service and supply needs and sustain your utility financially. The Oklahoma Rural Water Association proudly works with our partners in the Oklahoma Strategic Alliance to provide the Long Range Sustainability Program for Oklahoma’s rural water systems.

The technical objectives of the Long Range Sustainability Plan are listed below:

  • Asset Management
  • AWIA VSAT/ERP (Risk / Vulnerability Assessment and Emergency Response Planning)
  • Business / Financial Policy Development
  • Capacity Development Assessment
  • Capital Improvement Planning
  • Training for System Personnel – Governing board, office/support staff, operators, and safety
  • Leak Detection
  • Mapping of Distribution / Collection System
  • Mutual Aid / SoonerWARN
  • Operations and Maintenance Plan Development
  • Optimization of System
  • Rate Analysis
  • Sanitary Sewer Evaluation – Inflow / Infiltration Study (Smoke Testing)
  • Source Water Protection Plan Development
  • Water Loss Auditing / Meter Analysis

Qualified ORWA staff will guide and assist the utility throughout the completion of the program, working closely with water utility boards, system managers, operators, and office/administrative staff. Completion of the program has several benefits for participating water systems.

  • Each utility completing the Long Range Sustainability Program will be awarded a proclamation from the Governor of Oklahoma which will highlight the system’s achievements and commitment to a legacy of sustainability for the community’s water resources.
  • Completion of a comprehensive sustainability program like this one shows government agencies looking to maximize their return on investment that your rural water system is committed to a legacy of financial responsibility and high-quality water service, which improves future funding opportunities for your water system.
  • Most importantly, each water utility completing the program will have a plan with steps that your utility can take in the coming years to keep your system on track for a sustainable future.

Sources: ASCE Infrastructure Report Card, National Rural Water Association

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