Apprenticeship Program

Working Toward a Sustainable Workforce

Our water and wastewater workforce is aging, which is where the ORWA Apprentice Program comes into play. With little to no-cost, apprentices will attend and approximate 2-year training program through ORWA. From classroom instruction and on-the-job training, apprentices are provided the tools necessary to be a successful operation specialist in your state and community. 

As an apprentice, they’ll earn while they learn with knowledgeable, passionate people who strive to deliver clean drinking water to their community and treat wastewater before returning it to the environment. This program starts as a job and emerges as a solid and secure career.


Water and Wastewater Operation Specialists have a wide range of skills from computer technology to heavy machinery, from financial understanding to regulatory compliance. This profession works both indoors and outdoors and must interact and work with engineers, chemists, management staff and laboratory staff. Rural utility operators typically are responsible for management, operations, and maintenance of a system. They can also be responsible for inspecting equipment, monitoring daily activity, maintaining regular test samples, and ensure that safety standards are met by staying current on environmental laws and regulations.


When an apprentice receives their certificate of completion from the U.S. Department of Labor, the apprentice will have a wide range of career prospects across Oklahoma with no debt to repay. There will always be a need for water and wastewater professionals. The ORWA Apprenticeship Program will ensure highly skilled professionals are prepared and ready to become part of the respected rural water family prepared for a career in our great industry.

Interested in becoming an apprentice? Contact ORWA to learn more!

Sandra Stevenson | Apprenticeship Manager

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