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Registering for a passport takes seconds!  It’s FREE, and anyone can do it.  Your Rural Water Passport is simply your name, email, phone & password.

In short, your Passport is A Digital Identity to Track What Matters.

Don’t ever forget your Passport Information as you will need it for all Rural Water Digital Services.

  • Logging Training Hours
  • Membership Administration
  • Account Management
  • Conference Registration
  • List Classified Ads
    • Job Postings
    • Items for Sale
  • Much More

Your Passport will reduce data entry, and keep a record of basically everything. It is the key to your digital locker.

Your Rural Water Passport lives in the cloud without form, but can manifest itself physically in several ways:

  • A Scannable QR Code or Barcode
  • A Training Badge or Conference Badge
  • Or simply your email & password
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