Winter Storms Wreak Havoc on Water Systems

Record breaking winter weather creates challenges for utility providers across Oklahoma. 

Throughout the state of Oklahoma, water systems face challenges caused by record breaking cold temperatures and ask residents to be patient as services are restored.

The town of Dustin, Okla. found themselves without water after the mainline to their water tower froze and broke. Representative Phillips contacted the Oklahoma Rural Water Association at around midnight on February 17 and helped coordinate the efforts to restore water to the town. 

“Our team has been working across the state responding to similar circumstances since last weekend,” said ORWA Deputy CEO, Jimmy Seago. “Safety is our number one concern when addressing these issues. Our teams are working around the clock to restore services to Oklahomans and ask for their patience as we navigate these treacherous conditions.

“We are grateful for Rep. Phillips for reaching out and helping coordinate the response effort to restore water to the town of Dustin,” Seago said.

While a temporary fix, water was redirected from another source in order to provide water to Dustin, Seago said. The mainline to the water tower that broke will take some additional time to safely repair.

ORWA and other state agencies have been diligently working across the state to ensure utilities are able to provide water and wastewater services to Oklahomans.

“If your system encounters an emergency please contact us either directly or through the SoonerWARN system,” Seago said. “Our team will work to provide the necessary resources to help.

Report all emergencies via the SoonerWARN system or contact ORWA at 405.672.8925.

“This only increases the need for continued advancements on our state’s infrastructure,” Seago said. “We need to continue to invest in smart, sustainable technology and equipment that will allow us to better serve Oklahomans in the future.”

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— Written by JD Rosman

The Oklahoma Rural Water Association was formed in 1970 and was the first of its kind, giving a voice for rural water systems and districts across the state. Today, ORWA represents more than 550 water and wastewater utilities, providing management solutions, training opportunities, serves as their legislative voice, and provides technical assistance to its membership. The ORWA works to meet the needs of its members, always working to provide the best and safest water supply to its customers. Learn more about ORWA at 


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