Oklahoma Rural Water Association Receives Funding for Water Energy Efficiency Program

OKLAHOMA CITY (Feb. 23, 2022) – Gov. Kevin Stitt and Oklahoma Office of Energy and Environment Secretary Kenneth Wagner announced last week the Oklahoma Rural Water Association (ORWA) was awarded funding to assist Oklahoma communities with water energy and efficiency. 

“ORWA’s strategic alliance with the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality, Oklahoma Water Resources Board and the Oklahoma Office of Energy and Environment has allowed us to develop and deliver leak detection and sustainability programs to rural Oklahoma water and wastewater systems,” said Jimmy Seago, ORWA CEO. “These programs coupled with the energy grant will allow ORWA to deliver better tangible energy management benefits that will reduce operating costs and increase capacity for water systems,” said Seago. 

ORWA hopes by prioritizing education and technical assistance in energy efficiency, sustainability for all water and wastewater systems will be realized statewide, setting a standard for the industry.

“The work ORWA is doing with this funding is a true game-changer for small communities and rural water systems.  This work will improve our water and wastewater infrastructure, elevate the education of our workers, reduce our source water usage, reduce CO2 greenhouse gases, and save energy by simply reducing water leakage and utilizing better energy engineering,” said Wagner. “Most importantly, it will save money for some of Oklahoma’s poorest communities and keep the costs to rate payers affordable,” said Wagner.

Dedicated staff will collaborate with other programs and services offered by ORWA to develop and disseminate education and outreach materials on water energy efficiencies, conservation, best management practices, energy assurance activities, utility implementation, funding options and on-site technical assistance and mobile meter testing. 

About ORWA

ORWA works to enhance the quality of life in rural Oklahoma, through the development and delivery of water and wastewater services for the benefit of ORWA members and the rural people they serve.

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