ORWA Memberships are Going Fully Digital

for a membership experience!

Membership Updates

We have some major announcements for this upcoming renewal season.

After registering, you can begin your renewal!

Free Online Account

Stay up-to-date with ORWA events with your Rural Water Passport™ You can use your Rural Water Passport™ to sign into Rural Water Digital Services.

Membership Subscriptions

Renew on your own terms. ORWA Membership Services now work just like your cellphone, cable, or favorite streaming service. Membership starts and stops based on when payment is received.

Communication Preferences

Manage all of your communication preferences in one place. Rural Water Digital Services now offers the ability to control the level of notifications and reminders you receive!

Accurate Data

Could you please update my ... not anymore! Just like your favorite online accounts, log in at any time to update your membership records. It's quick and easy.

Relevant Resources

Tired of drinking from a firehose? We know the difficulty of finding specific & relevant information can be. Rural Water Digital Services now uses your Rural Water Passport to create targeted website navigation & user experience.

After registering, you can begin your renewal!
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