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Your Digital Identity

Registering for a passport takes¬†seconds!¬† It’s FREE, and anyone can do it.¬† Your Rural Water Passport is simply¬†your name, email, phone & password. In short, your Passport is A Digital Identity to Track What Matters. Don’t ever forget your Passport Information as you will need it for all Rural Water Digital Services.

How Does It Help?

  • Logging Training Hours
  • Membership Administration
  • Account Management
  • Conference Registration
  • List Classified Ads
    • Job Postings
    • Items for Sale
  • Much More

Your Passport will reduce data entry, and keep a record of basically everything. It is the key to your digital locker.

What Does It Look Like?

Your Rural Water Passport lives in the cloud without form, but can manifest itself physically in several ways:
  • A Scannable QR Code or Barcode
  • A Training Badge or Conference Badge
  • Or simply your email & password
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